Tuna has always been one of the most fished fish in the Mediterranean and the Tonnare is a characteristic element of many Sicilian towns. Following the same procedure as always, by hand working the fish and choosing raw materials of the highest quality, we at Drago offer customers different ways to taste tuna, both naturally and in olive oil.

Our tuna fillets in olive oil, or natural, are cooked in water and salt in order to maintain its organoleptic qualities and not to disperse most of the proteins. So let’s talk about a product with really important nutritive values. But Tuna is a unique fish and the ways to taste it are really endless.

The Tuna “Buzzonaglia”, for example, is one of the typical specialties of traditional Sicilian cuisine. These are parts of fillet that are in contact with the central bone, with a very intense red color. The Tuna Buzzonaglia is appreciated both for its flavor, intense and delicate at the same time, and for its great softness.

In Sicily, as in many other areas overlooking the Mediterranean, a really popular dish is the Bottarga of Tuna. The bottarga is nothing more than the final product of the processing of fish eggs and can also be enjoyed as a seasoning first.

Another typical product of Sicily is the Tuna Lattume, male version of Bottarga, and represents a preparation of the highest gastronomy, with a unique flavor, which lends itself to accompany pasta, salads or which can be fried.

Tuna Fillets
in olive oil

filetti di tonno in olio di oliva

Tuna Fillets
in brine

filetti di tonno al naturale

Tuna Tarantello
in olive oil

tarantello di tonno in olio di oliva

Tuna Ventresca
in olive oil

ventresca di tonno in olio di oliva

Tuna Fillets Tin
in olive oil

latta filetti di tonno in olio di oliva

Bluefin Tuna
in olive oil

filetti di tonno rosso in olio di oliva

Tuna Pezzetti
in olive oil

pezzetti di tonno in olio di oliva

Tuna Buzzonaglia
in soyabeans oil

buzzonaglia di tonno in olio di semi di soia

Tuna Pezzetti
in soyabeans oil

pezzetti di tonno in olio di semi di soia

Tuna Lattume
in olive oil

lattume di tonno in olio di oliva

Bottarga & Tuna Salami


Tuna Salad
in soyabeans oil

insalatina di tonno in olio di oliva

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Unique dishes of the Sicilian tradition

Tuna is cooked in water and salt, not with steam, in order to keep the organoleptic qualities intact and do not disperse the majority of the protein. After cooking, the product is cooled and skinning manually and the operators remove also the fishbones. The clean slices are then cut into threads and placed in glass and jars of different sizes.

plus_aziendaliifs_certificati brc_certificati

In respect of the sea, fishing methods and consumer health Drago preserves adopted strict corporate standards and certifications that make Drago product, one of the best on the market!

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