“After the magic moment in which my eyes looked at the sea, it was no more possible to see, think, live as before”
Hand Made and Genuine Products,
Like the ancient tradition of Sicilian Tonnara
Sicily just came back!
Tuna Creams and Patè accompanied by typical Sicilian flavours.

Since 1929, 85 years of
experiences and kindness,
respecting the sea and
Sicilian tradition…


The Company, founded in 1929, operates in the preservation of fish products respecting Sicilian tradition and it has an experience gained from four generations. The company operates in the conservation of natural fish products or with olive oil or sunflower oil, like for example tuna and mackerel, fishes always present in the typical Sicilian cuisine.

Drago Products as a Sicilian Tradition


Tasty Fillets

Creme e patè

Season your dishes


From Velvety Taste


Let yourself be captivated by

Unique dishes of the Sicilian tradition

Tuna is cooked in water and salt, not with steam, in order to keep the organoleptic qualities intact and do not disperse the majority of the protein. After cooking, the product is cooled and skinning manually and the operators remove also the fishbones. The clean slices are then cut into threads and placed in glass and jars of different sizes.

plus_aziendaliifs_certificati brc_certificati

In respect of the sea, fishing methods and consumer health Drago preserves adopted strict corporate standards and certifications that make Drago product, one of the best on the market!

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